Book on CD Edition on Religion First Published in 1531 Apology of the Augsburg Confession Table of Contents Philip Melanchthon's Introduction to the Apology Part One: On Articles I-II of the Augustana Part Two: On Articles III-IV of the Augustana Part Three: What is Justifying Faith? Part Four: That Faith in Christ Justifies Part Five: That We Obtain Remission of Sins by Faith Alone in Christ Part Six: On Article III: Love and the Fulfilling of the Law Part Seven: Reply to the Arguments of the Adversaries Part Eight: Continuation of: Reply to the Arguments... Part Nine: Second Continuation of: Reply to the Arguments... Part Ten: Third Continuation of: Reply to the Arguments... Part Eleven: Articles Seven and Eight of the Augustana Part Twelve: Article Nine of the Augustana Part Thirteen: Article Ten of the Augustana Part Fourteen: Article Eleven of the Augustana Part Fifteen: Article Twelve of the Augustana Part Sixteen: Article Six of the Augustana (Pt. 1) Part Seventeen: Article Six of the Augustana (Pt. 2) Part Eighteen: Article Seven of the Augustana Part Nineteen: Article Fourteen of the Augustana Part Twenty: Article Fifteen of the Augustana Part Twenty-One: Article Sixteen of the Augustana Part Twenty-Two: Article Seventeen of the Augustana Part Twenty-Three: Article Eighteen of the Augustana Part Twenty-Four: Article Nineteen of the Augustana Part Twenty-Five: Article Twenty of the Augustana Part Twenty-Six: Article Twenty-One of the Augustana Part Twenty-Seven: Article Twenty-Two of the Augustana Part Twenty-Eight: Article Twenty-Three of the Augustana Part Twenty-Nine: Article Twenty-Four of the Augustana Part Thirty: A Definition of the term "Sacrifice" Part Thirty-One: What the Fathers Thought About Sacrafice Part Thirty-Two: Of the Use of the Sacrament and Sacrifice Part Thirty-Three: Of the Term "Mass" Part Thirty-Four:Of the Mass for the Dead Part Thirty-Five: Of Monastic Vows Part Thirty-Six: Of Ecclesiatical Power Part Thirty-Seven: End written by Philipp Melanchthon Philipp Melanchthon (February 16, 1497 – April 19, 1560), born Philipp Schwartzerdt, was a German reformer, collaborator with Martin Luther, the first systematic theologian of the Protestant Reformation, intellectual leader of the Lutheran Reformation, and an influential designer of educational systems. He stands next to Luther and Calvin as a reformer, theologian, and molder of Protestantism. As much as Luther, he is the primary founder of Lutheranism. They both denounced what they saw as the exaggerated cult of the saints, justification by works, and the coercion of the conscience in the sacrament of penance that nevertheless could not offer certainty of salvation. Melanchthon made the distinction between law and gospel the central formula for Lutheran evangelical insight. By the "law" he meant God's requirements both in Old and New Testament; the "gospel" meant the free gift of grace through faith in Jesus Christ. Book on CD Edition produced by The Again Shop 2012 The Book on CD-ROM Advantage. Print only the pages, passages or paragraphs you want. Search for key words or terms, Read from your laptop, home computer or mini when it pleases you, no need to purchase or carry around a separate piece of equipment. Share it electronically with friends and relatives. You have permission to re-sell copies as long as they are unchanged from this original. Supply your children with books on their computers instead of video games. Share with 1 or 100 students at the same time for educational purposes. Pay one low price and have as many books of this title that you want to print. CD-ROM Edition. Not a DVD, not an audio CD, no illustrations. Produced in a Microsoft Compatible Format for reading, printing, copying, searching key words, terms or passages or for research.
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