Work from home tutorials-Whole Set of 10 EBooks

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1-Making Money As A Freelancer Make money in freelancing This 57 page guide was written by a seasoned freelancer with over 12 years of online experience. Find out how you can start making money from a variety of freelance positions, even if you lack experience! Full featured, step by step guide with action plans. 2-Affiliate Marketing Profit Plan Affiliate money magnets Affiliate marketing is an extremely profitable arena to be a part of, and our step by step guide reveals proven strategies to making money with some of the Internet Marketing's biggest product launches! Includes a 56 page guide with illustrations and step by step instructions. 3- Avoiding Online Scams & Schemes avoiding online scams This 30 page guide provides important information on some of the Internet's top scams and schemes including questionable work at home job offers and more. Equip yourself with the information you need to make informed decisions so that you can focus only on legitimate work at home options. 4-Website Flipping Profit Plan website & blog flipping strategies This package offers 2 tutorials. The first focuses on quick and easy cash with simple website flips, and the other offers over 70 pages of heavy hitting material that reveals powerful strategies to making money with blog flipping and more! 5-Membership Site Cash Plan Membership cash exposed With Membership Cash Exposed, you're given a 53 page guide that reveals proven strategies to building profitable subscription based websites. Start making passive income from feature laden membership sites that run on complete autopilot, or create an entire network of membership sites for long-term profits! 6-Gig Site Profits gig site profits This short tutorial (at only 15 pages) gets right to the point! Find out how you can make money with some of the Internet's most popular gig sites! Gig sites provide users with the opportunity to complete simple tasks for instant cash, and some of the more popular gig sites also offer the opportunity to create as many gigs as you wish, all at absolutely no cost! Start making money with gig sites today! 7-Securing Work At Home Jobs work from home jobs This is one of our more popular guides! Find out how you can secure legitimate work from home easily, while making more money than ever before! This 52 page guide reveals the top work at home options, as well as insider information on how you can maximize your income, instantly! 8-Fast Cash Strategies fast cash strategies Need a quick influx of cash? Our Fast Cash Strategies guide will help you make the money you need, when you need it most. Our strategies include "Instant Cash Techniques" and "Overnight Money Strategies" that are designed to help you out of your cash crisis! 9-Self Publishing Success self publishing success This tutorial package offers 3 unique guides, all focusing on making money within the Amazon Kindle marketplace. The first guide offers step by step instructions on submitting your books for publication and reveals extended tips and techniques for boosting your revenue. Our auxiliary components offer additional information, including proven strategies to maximizing profits and exposure! 10-Profitable Blogging profitable blogging strategies This 67 page tutorial provides a step by step blueprint to making money blogging. From set up to monetization, this full length guide offers a comprehensive action plan that will have you earning money in no time!