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Simple PAGE for Promoting

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Simple,effective, page created in WIX .It has it's own domain that will solve the problem of blocked links on Facebook and other social networks.. Designed for every gateway we use in SFI : -Join SFI gateway -TC sales gateway -Auction promotion gateway -ECA referrals gateway -SFI PPA gateway -Wave3 gateway Your ID will bi included on the BLOG Page! The page includes : 1.picture 2.few lines of text to action button 4. Video for getting started actions We make this page on Wix who has hes own domain . How to use it? Instead the blocked gateway you want to use to advertise on FB you will use the link that leads to this page. And the page contains your unique gateway. NOTE : When you purchase this product I will contact you and ask for your ID , and color... will be background color of your BLOG ! Please chek you mail inbox , spam and junk folders for better contact. *We will build you Your own page within3 5 -7 business days!