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BRAINSTORM YOUR BUSINESS LIKE A REAL PRO! Research is the Key to Online Success! Find Your Target Niche Market Using This Swift, Foolproof Method! Doing Your Homework Can Really Pay Off! Stop slacking off and start making millions utilizing free online tools that give you accurate statistics, ideas and information! Read my new eBook - The Greatest Research Tool Ever In this eBook you will discover the single most effective and efficient way to do research for your business without blood, sweat or tears or forking out hundreds or even thousands of dollars for market research information that may not even be correct! If you are reading this letter then you probably have discovered, as I have over the years that research is absolutely critical to setting up any new business venture. To give you an analogy – doing your market research for a new online business is like the foundation of a building you are constructing. You have to make sure that foundation is secure or everything will fall down. The bottom line is that if you are working with inaccurate materials you will construct your business on shaky ground. However many marketers simply do not bother to put in the time to do the research because it is the most frustrating, time consuming and – yes- even tedious aspect of the whole process. Maybe it is time to stop being bored and "get into" optimizing your own business! It’s easy if you know what I know and it does not have to cost or take up a lot of your time either! Build Your Empire On a Strong Foundation! Make That Six Figure Income as an online marketer! So what is the secret to cutting down on all that time you may be spending on the research aspect of your business? If you are anything like I used to be you are probably spending hours on different forums, bulletin boards looking for clues and customer feedback. I remember that I used to surf all over the place online for days on end trying to discern whether or not there was a market for my business. I used to spend thousands testing keywords and paying for reports (not to mention all of the money I spent on eBooks and programs) to learn how to spy on what the competition was doing. Talk about a labor intensive meandering disorganized way to go about my market research! It was taking me as long as three months just to do all the testing and set up just one business! And even then sometimes after all of that effort the business just would not fly! Finally I found a way to cut out all the crap – the second guessing, the endless surfing and polling uninterested people for answers to questions. You know what I am talking about …market research can be an eye-rolling, soul destroying business if it does not churn out the bucks for you in the end. Those exasperating days ended for me and they are about to end for you too. I have found the one research resource that you can utilize at almost every stage of the research process that is infallible when it comes to giving you an accurate estimation of "what the people want." That is because "what the people want is what they are going to buy." Trust me when I tell you that this is the tool that you are always going to use irrespective of what kind of marketing project you are involved with. You are also going to probably be surprised to learn that you and thousands of other people already use this tool every single day. In fact 99% of people reading these words will be using this resource every day. What if I told you that the secret to online success is actually in front of your very nose? What if I told you that you probably used this wonderful tool to land on this page? Do you know what I am talking about yet? Yes that is right. I am talking about the number one search engine on the internet – Google! Here are some of the reasons why this tool is the greatest online research tool in the entire world – * Google commands 69% of the search engine traffic on the internet right across the world * In some markets Google’s share of the search engine market is in excess of 90% * About as many people have heard of Google as Coca-Cola and it is the first place they turn to search for information when they start searching for anything online * The trademark of Google is so popular that it has become a "verb" – "googling" is a word that is in common usage and you do want to be part of an organization that is that well known and reputable if you want to succeed in business * Thousands of new internet users get online every day and one of the first places they are introduced to on the internet is Google and the Google tool bar * Google is one of the most popular presets for a browser or home page on the internet * You can distinguish real search results on a Google page from those that are paid advertising making it one of the more honest and ethical research tools online as the ranked search results are "natural" * Google Groups alone represents a searchable database in excess of 700 million Usenet postings over the last 20 years * Google has bought out 54 research and indexing businesses in the last few years which makes it one of the most potent purveyors of information on the internet * Google and the companies that they own provide a huge range of services of the types that net users could benefit from everyday and more importantly, they provide the vast majority of these services at no cost. You know what they say – Stick with the winners and Google is the Winner when it comes to being the most popular and effective of research tools! Are you ready to stop forking out all of your money to pay for research, blogs and webhosting? Learn how to launch profitable, information based business practically for free! In The Greatest Research Tool Ever I also outline how you can use Google to launch your web based business for free and practically from scratch. I cover such little known helpful facts about the Google suite of tools such as -- How Google offers you two ways of creating your own website for free using net based tools and resources How Google offers a very comprehensive range of net based tools and resources that allows anyone to start a business completely from scratch using nothing but Google owned tools How to use free Google tools to identify viable online markets and establish that there is money to be made How one particular Google tool help you put together a marketing plan to ensure that people will find your site on their search engine pages How to use a Google tool to analyze your competition and find out how much money is changing hands How to use Google tools to find out what the most popular products or services in a particular market sector How you can use Google to find investors for your business How to use Google to find affiliates for your business How to use Google to find free articles to enhance your website How to use Google to find links to your website How to use Google to start a blog that enhances your website The bottom line is that there is very little in the process of researching and establishing a new online business that Google cannot help you with! By now you might be asking yourself – "How can Google afford to be so nice to us and offer all of these free services?" The answer is that the geniuses behind Google are intelligent marketers. They understand that by offering free tools and resources that they are encouraging everyone who uses the internet to use them and only them. In fact as internet marketers we could really learn from their example. This is also how Google gives you a foothold on your business, especially when you take advantage of their perks and download their tools. Learn How to Start a New Online Business for Free Using Only Google Tools I Will Show You What to Do Step-by-Step! As this is my newest eBook I am currently offering it at the introductory low price of $ ... Why am I offering such a wealth of information at such a low price? I am taking my hint from the big wig marketing geniuses at Google! 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