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Personal Website For Your Business

Retail Price: $50.99
You Save: $25.00 (49%)
THIS IS WHAT YOU GET: 1. Home - with the description of your offer, your picture, video for Getting Started Tasks, slideshow with testimonials, and Call to action button pointing to your SFI gateway. 2. TripleClicks store- with a description, slideshow with 6 products and Call to Action button pointed to your Triple clicks gateway. 3. Astro Auction - Description, two pictures with last winning products, and Call to Action Button pointed to your Astro Auction gateway. 4. RECA program-With description and call to action button pointed to your RECA gateway. 5. Games page - include all popular games with a little description of each game. pictures and Call To Action buttons for each game. 6. About SFI -description ABOUT sfi wit picture and call to action button. 7. Contact page- Your picture, status, mail, and call to action button. Website hits counter to have control daily visitors. Social buttons if you like. We make this page on Wix who has his own domain. NOTE: AFTER ORDER PLEASE READ YOUR MAIL IW WILL CONTACT YOU FOR DETAILS ABOUT COLOR, PICTURE. AND ALL GETAWAYS. We will build you Your own Personal Website within 7 -10 business days. How to use this? In stade of blocking links, YOU GET READY MADE WEBSITE on social media to use this Personal website to attract new PSA , PRM. Grab an opportunity to promote your online business with your own personalized website. IMPORTANT INFORMATION ======================= 1.- You get this site "AS IT IS" and NO further changes will be made 2.- The control, access, and property of the site remains with us 3.- Search Engine Friendly & Optimized Mobil View, get found by Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc!! and in all kind of devices! * You will receive your site via this email address: [email protected] with this subject line: "Your TripleClicks Order From Elly Gifts"