5D Teeth Whitening Strips (14 Pouches/28 Strips)

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You Save: $21.00 (38%)
Application: 1.Extrinsic tooth discoloration(affected by coffee, tobacco, sauce, tea, food, etc) 2.Intrinsic tooth discoloration(Mild fluorosis or tetracycline staining) 3.Genetically yellow teeth 4.Other cause of teeth discoloration 5.All the people who want a whiter & brighter smile Features: Provides a no slip grip, so the strips stay put until you take them off You can talk and even drink water while whitening teeth The strip molds to the shape of your teeth The strip comes off cleanly and easily Easy Steps To A Beautiful, Whiter Smile: 1.Peel Whitestrips from backing 2.Apply firmly to surface of teeth 3.Reveal your whiter smile Specifications: Color: White Quantity: 14 Pairs Strips Package includes: 1 x 5D Advanced Whitening Strips (14 Pouches / 28 Strips )