Best Selling! i9S TWS Double Wireless Earbuds with Mic

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Features Bluetooth version: version 5.0 Transmission distance: outdoor straight line distance 10-15 meters Battery capacity: pure cobalt battery 60 mAh Function: fast charging, HD call Listening to music time: 2-3 hours up and down / pause playback Talk time: 2-3 hours Standby time: 130 hours Charging time: 1hours How to pair headphones simultaneous: (1) 2 headphonesual press and start to see the red and blue flashing and then release the hand (2) 2 headphones will be automatically paired together, 1 of which will not flash. Is the pairing success (3) At this time, turn on the phone Bluetooth again to connect with the phone. Button function: long press, power on, long press, power off, click music pauseay, call answer/hang up, double click next song Note: Automatically shut down after three minutes without connecting the headset to the headset after booting. Charging tips: Headphone charging reminder light: headphone charging red light Charging box charging tips: 1. When the charging box is charging the earphone: the charging box LED light is always on, and the LED light is off after the earphone is full. 2. When charging the charging box: the red LED of the charging box flashes, and the red LED is always on after being fully charged. i9S-tws : 1 x pair of headphones (left and right headphones) 1 x charging box 1 x USB charging cable 1 x user manual