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The Toothflush is an innovative oral irrigator for comprehensive tooth cleaning and oral health promotion. It utilizes water pressure from the faucet to create powerful water jets that wash out bacteria and nutrients needed by bacteria. It cleans all parts of the mouth, especially the difficult-to-brush areas, such as the important gingival sulcus and interdental space. In addition to being more clean and refreshing for your teeth and mouth, your gums will also be massaged by the water jets, resulting in healthier gums. Using toothflush in addition to using toothbrush will provide you with a new level of oral hygiene maintenance. One second attaching to or detaching from the faucet. No effect on the daily use of the faucet. Product features Clean where a toothbrush can't reach. Make mouth clean and breath fresh. Get healthier gum in 2 weeks due to bacterium removing and gum massage. No electricity needed, noiseless. SGS approved: safe and effective to use How it is used check out on our youtube channel Try it now! Package includes: - 3pcs multi-jet nozzle - 3pcs single-jet nozzle - 1pcs plastic faucet adapter - 2pc metal faucet adapter - 1pc storage box - 1pc handle set - 1pc user manual