Takeya Deluxe 2 Quart Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Retail Price: $37.99
You Save: $2.04 (5%)

Taste the difference with Takeya Deluxe 2 Quart Cold Brew Coffee Maker! Unlike the traditional hot brewing process that releases undesirable acids and oils, resulting in a bitter flavor, cold brewing extracts only the naturally delicious coffee flavor, creating a perfectly balanced, smooth extraction of concentrated coffee. You can even keep your cold-brewed coffee fresh in the BPA-Free, leak-proof, shatterproof pitcher for up to two weeks and use it for both hot and iced coffees. The two-quart Takeya coffee maker produces 4 servings of smooth cold brew using any type of coffee grounds, and its fine-mesh filter keeps grounds out of your coffee. It features a stylish slim design (0.6"D x 4.1"W x 12.2"H) that fits comfortably in small kitchens and refrigerator door shelves, as well as an airtight lid and a non-slip silicone handle.

An ideal gift for the coffee connoisseur.